Areas of expertise

Intellectual Property


Industrial Property, trademarks, patents, plant variation, software and industrial designs

Licensing, technology transfer

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artes e entretenimento

Arts and Entertainment

Contracts and advice for visual arts, publishing, ballet and music. Judicial and administrative action with the registration of Copyrights with the National Library, NFT, INPI and other means.

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Consumer Rights

Contracts, executions, civil liability, moral damage.

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Commercial contracts, commercial defense, joint ventures, national and international trade issues, import and export and judicial and extrajudicial recovery of companies.

Judicial and extrajudicial, credit recovery, search and seizure, evictions and condominiums.

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família e sucessões

Family and Succession

Inventories, enrollments, separations, divorces, adoptions, maintenance requests, child custody, visitation regulations.

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Real Estate

Contracts, evictions, condominiums, acquisitions, analysis of real estate documentation.

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Drafting and modification of contracts and articles of association; Corporate reorganization; Litigation and mediation involving corporate issues (exclusion of partners, partial or total dissolution, civil liability of the partner for deviation from the purpose, etc.).

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Environmental advisory, environmental licensing, liability for damage to the environment, environmental impact report, lawsuits.

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Bio law

Issues related to medical law, Medically Assisted Human Reproduction, genetics, biotechnology, information technology and civil liability.

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